Our company was established in 1993, with more than 20 years of history. We were special manufacturer with technology-oriented of raw materials of PU products for our customers, our early research was engaged in polyurethane materials, since 1997, we started to provide PU products used for fitness equipment accessories.

Our company was engaged in the development of polyurethane materials in early-stage, compared with the general PU products manufacturers, we have a more professional understanding of PU products manufacturing. We have unique advantages in quality conformance and process control of cost and production-efficiency.

In the industrial design area, in addition to the products which were designed together with our customers, the majority of other products were our company’s original products. The seat cushions of our products are the main choice as fashionable products and styles used by manufacturers of fitness equipment area nowadays.
Our company advocates “people-oriented” on production operation, adheres to concept of lean production, emphasizes process control, uses ERP (UF U8) as tool to achieve the full use of ERP, from supply chain (sales management, purchasing management, quality management, inventory management , inventory accounting), manufacturing (bill of material, demand planning, production order),financial accounting (general ledger, payables and receivables management, cashing management) to management accounting (cost management).Our company is one of few in number UF U8 users in China who can use easily and create add value.

At present, main services of our products is aimed on China mainland, European and America accessories markets, involved in fitness equipment accessories fields ( such as seat cushion, pedal, handrail etc), lift seat system, seat cushion of children’s outdoor recreation supplies, motorcycle seat, bicycle seat. Nowadays, domestic main manufacturers of fitness equipment (supporting suppliers of well-known brands in Europe and America areas) are our customers.